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- Fit Pro All-Inclusive Retreat -

Our retreat packages bring you and your group to some of the finest all-inclusive luxury resorts in the world.  Our relationship Fitness Retreatwith numerous resorts allows us the opportunity to assist you in providing excellent new services to your clients, co-works, friends, family or whoever your group may be.  Your stay is free and you enjoy all the same "all-inclusive" benefits as your group and other resort guests.

Breezes Fit Pro Retreat OpportunityNow you can provide your special skill(s) to your group over an extended period of time.  They  also will enjoy a complete vacation and numerous other all-inclusive activities, but your professional skill will remain the center piece of their trip.  You will be the star for the week providing group fitness classes, and/or, personal training, and/or, dietary counseling, and/or, mind/body classes, and/or motivation/inspiration, and/or whatever your specialty lends itself to.

FIT Pro Biz also wants to see you succeed.  That is why we are with you all the way in scheduling, program designs, fee transactions, and marketing.  We know from experience the enjoyment that can come from working with our clients.  We also know the enjoyment that comes from the fun and relaxation of an all-inclusive resort.  Finally, we know the need that exists for businesses of any size to diversify their offerings as well as find unique solutions for particular clients.  We will work with you to achieve both of those joys while helping you develop unique offerings for your customers.
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The Process is Simple
  1. Register an account with Fit Pro Biz at our Fit Pro Travel website to be eligible for any of our programs.
  2. Select the dates for your retreat and begin to generate interest amongst your clients, participants, friends, family, and/or co-workers.

  3. Contact us to ensure the dates and your requested location are available.
  4. Collect fees and registrations from attendees.  (All fees can be processed by FIT Launch as needed)
  5. Check in at the all-inclusive resort to provide your programs. (We assist as much or as little with programming as you need)
  6. Enjoy the convenience of this turn-key program and the ease of integrating it as a piece of your business operations.
  What's Included?
  • You stay free. 
  • One additional room is complimentary for every 10 rooms purchased. 
  • Space is reserved for several hours each day for you and your group to meet.
  • Lecture outlines for your use as additional material are available for you.
  • A reception is hosted in yours' and your groups' honor by the resort as a thank you for visiting them.
  • Assistance with commerce transactions, marketing, programming available
  • Certain materials/products provided for your use in "thank you" or "goodie" bags for your group.
  • Use of all resort amenities like any other all-inclusive guest.

What's the Catch?

We are pleased to tell you there really isn't a catch... just a great opportunity!
You simply get the opportunity to provide your clients what they are most likely already wishing they had:
1) A chance to spend more time with their trainer/instructor. 
2) An opportunity to ask questions and learn more in-depth information about their health and wellness.  And
3) Everybody needs the all-inclusive vacation.  Add to that your chance to actually generate revenue from the participants... your personal, professional, and business development will thank you.

What's the Cost?

When selecting your dates you will be required to pay a $195 nonrefundable deposit.  Before 45 days prior to your retreat you will pay the full cost for all group members to FIT Launch, keeping whatever your markup rates were. (this mark up will generally be $100-$500 per group member above our base price).  You also have the option of having your group pay us directly and we will return to you the portion that is above base.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us at fitlaunch@fitnessprotravel.com with your name, address, and phone.  We will contact you shortly thereafter to answer any of your questions and assist you in setting up your own Luxury Retreat.

**Some locations operate under different details and programs will vary some depending upon your group.

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