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Below are links to our official press releases. Announcements are made conserning new business partners, existing service enhancements, and managerial level hires.

FIT Launch, Inc. is the parent company to Fit Pro Biz. You may contact the following person for editorial inquiries:
Tom Bomar CSCS


782Media Partnership 11/08

Reach Local Agreement 7/08

Conciant, Inc. Exclusive Agreement 2/08 Partnership 1/08

Healthy Gatherings Expansion 1/08


Fitness Business GrowthYou will find several of these "fitness business opportunities" within the fit pro biz web site.  We are continually on the lookout for great opportunities that can fit well within an existing fitness business or even be used as a primary business model.  Your fitness business experiences and feedback are greatly appreciated so that we can continue to assist and direct other Fit Pro's appropriately.

Check through the categories along the top border.  We will update each with information on new and exciting programs for you, the fitness professional, on a regular basis.

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Healthy Gatherings

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Fit Pro Biz is a
FIT Launch, Inc. Company.

Who Benefits in using our FitPros?

  • Fitness Facilities
  • Resort Destinations
  • Cruise Ship Hospitality
  • Consumers Throughout North America
  • Music & Theatrical Performers on Tour
  • Corporation Wellness Programs
  • Small & Large Group Retreat Organizers
  • Meeting & Conference Programmers
  • Name It.. If it's involved with Health & Wellness, we more than likely have a qualified, pre-screened professional in your are.. feel free to contact us!
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Fit Pro Categories:

  • Group Fitness Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Tennis Coaches
  • Squash Coaches
  • Spa Professionals
  • Nursing
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