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Utilizing Experienced Fitness Professionals

Fit Pro's can be found the world over.  They may have many different specialties and attributes and depending upon your needs, you will have to sort through numerous certifications, specialty types, and experience levels to find the individual who will work best for your needs... This is where Fit Pro Biz can step in and provide you a great deal of assistance with our prescreened database of current Fitness Professionals.

Take a look below at how we have, do, or will help various industries by providing excellent health & wellness professionals or related services to meet their requirement.



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Fit Pro's & Fitness Facilities

We have numerous health and wellness products available for you to add to your product and service mix.  Pro's and Facilities can earn via resale or affiliation. Add a secondary revenue stream with great products for your clients.  



Entertainer Management, Corporate Retreat, Specialty Group

Because of our extensive database traveling fitnessof fitness professionals throughout the US and Canada we most certainly have a professional available in the areas you travel. Yoga, personal trainer, or circuit workout can keep you up on you program when on the road. <more>

Hospitality Resort & Cruise

An excellent option for the hospitality professional is the ability to provide various health and wellness services to your guests by a pre-screened expert in the field of your choice.  Our Fit Pro's are experienced and trained and available for short term assignment in your setting. Group Fitness, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, and Tennis Pro's.     



Corporate Wellness Programs

We can assist you in offering health & wellness programming in the corporate setting. More and more employers are realizing the benefit in productivity and reduction in sick time that occurs with a healthy workforce. If you would like further information on bringing a fitness professional to your setting to offer lectures services, fitness assessment, on going fitness or mind/body training, please contact us. to discuss how we can customize a program for your group.  



General Fitness Consumer

With a wide selection of professionals throughout North America we are likely to have someone available in your area. Need a Fit Pro, contact us to see how we can help with a pre-screened professional. If simple online consultation is what you are looking for we'd be happy to assist with that as well. Exercise and Fitness products? Follow the graphic link below to our Healthy Gatherings site.  


Meeting & Conference Organizers

When providing your expertise to corporate conferences or retreats, consider utlizing one of our health & wellness professionals to supplement and add program value. We have Fit Pro's of various specialties who can cover topics on mind/body, yoga, corporate wellness, personal training, ergonomics, diet and nutrition. Contact us to see if one of our pro's can assist make your meeting a success.    <more>


Join a Wellness Retreat

Our Fit Pro's from time to time offer wellness retreats that you may join in on. These retreats may be offered all over the world and the primary topic or genre of the retreat may be different from lead pro to lead pro. You can review scheduled events to find one that meets your timing and style wishes.



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We have a wide ranging grasp on qualified professionals in the Health & Wellness industry.  Consult with us in fulfilling your FitPro needs.


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