Fit Bodies, Inc and FIT Launch, Inc. are very happy to provide you a newly re-designed and re-tooled Fitness Pro Travel website.

  • Largest Fit Pro Only Web 2.0 'live web' community
  • More working vacation travel locations
  • Advanced notification opportunities
  • Content Marketing made easy
  • Revenue generation opportunities
  • Member's own product and service promotional tools
  • Introduction of fitness and sport professionals to enthusiast communities
  • A whole lot more

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This is the first post of several over the next couple weeks that will detail the new features being released at the Fitness Pro Travel web site.

These features you will soon learn of, are offered for you to utilize and will enhance your travel knowledge and experience. It will provide you several avenues to step a head with your fitness business or career. AND, it will immediately make you a part of the largest, fitness professional only, online social/business networking community in existence.

Today's email and post are simply to let you know that we are very excited to begin telling (and showing) you about the super charged features at the new Fitness Pro Travel site. The full details will come over a few separate emails which you will definitely want to pay attention to.

Following is a short video simply to introduce myself and let you put a face with the voice you will be hearing in the screen capture video explanations of getting around and utilizing the new Fitness Pro Travel features. I do look forward to any comments or questions you may have. Suzelle will also jump on the video bandwagon and let you know of how the new community platform will enhance your search and decision making for the working vacation opportunities.

You'll Want to Check these New Features Out


Here's another very short video that exposes you to a promotional being done for us for the launch of the re-designed & re-loaded website.

This entire site enhancement idea began with a casual conversation between Suzelle Snowden (President of Fit Bodies, Inc.) and myself (Tom Bomar, Managing Director, FIT Launch, Inc.). If you've been around our existing community at FPT then you have most likely talked to one or both of us at some point. We were talking general ideas for the website as well as the fitness industry in general.

What we realized almost by accident is that with our combined resources and our relatively large community the FPT joint venture had accumulated, we could and should offer a whole lot more!

STEP 1 - We surveyed the existing FPT community last June to find out how we can improve the site. Here's what you told us:

  • Ability to speak with other fitness & sport professionals about the places they've traveled prior to booking
  • Addressing fears of moves off property
  • Ability to post multiple trip photos as well as view more before travel
  • Notice of new date/position availabilities in advance
  • Assistance in keeping up with the happenings of the fitness industry
  • More time, money or both so you can get away to the Caribbean locations more often
  • Marketing information/instruction to assist networking and growth of your business
  • Reaching new clients, participants, and students
  • A variety of continuing education requests. This was for both business activities as well as specialty skills
  • Having more locations to travel

STEP 2 - This occurred early July, concluding at the IDEA conference in Vegas where we met up and laid out the basic goals and a multi phase process to accomplish the goals for Fit Bodies, Inc. and the FPT community.

STEP 3 - The Fitness Pro Travel website has been redesigned and platform rebuilt at this point. As I type, we are testing the site features.

STEP 4 - This begins now and is the process of introducting and orientating you, the fitness and sport professional, to the new site and how to maximize use of the many features.

The Fit Bodies, Inc family will continue to assist you and provide a better travel and booking experience with the redesigned Fitness Pro Travel. You will now also gain many tools you may utilize to stay on the forefront of the fitness industry, even during a tough economy.

Additionally you will be a member of the largest Fitness & Sport Professional business/social networking site and find there are numerous benefits to just being there.

For some of you most features will be intuitive. For others, and you know who you are, ;-)   new technical features are a bit scary. In both cases I believe the videos coming out will make it a easier and we will be close by to answer all questions.


Stay tuned to your emails from us. There are several bonuses that were provided from business & fitness industry experts. I'll throw those in as I provide you a few videos walking you through the new site and how to get around and how to utilize the features.

It will be about two weeks more and we'll be going live with the new site

Look for our email in a couple days.   If you don't think you are on our mailing list you can sign up for it on the Fitness Pro Travel website or in the form on the front of Fit Pro Biz website.

Tom Bomar CSCS
Managing Director
FIT Launch, Inc.

PS - If you do not yet have an account at Fitness Pro Travel, NOW is the time to do it. Everyone registered there before we kick off the new site is considered a "Founding" member and will be getting a very special offering.

PPS - If you've been planning on booking a trip within the next couple weeks, no need to worry. Everything is up and operational at the moment at the current website and we will only close down for the last 12 hours before we open the new site.

Any orders you purchase between now and then will pass over as copying those types of information are what we'll be doing during that 12 hour down time.




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