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Learn the secrets used by professional marketers in their businesses. Gain secret "ninja" tactics of both online and offline prospect/client attraction and attainment.

Nay, the secrets are really not all that "ninja", but this Insider Club will give you some tools and understanding to get you an advantage. You will enhance your fitness business services beyond what you may have thought possible.

There are many frustrations that come with running your own business. Especially when just starting out. After spending thousand of dollars on certifications, you learn pretty quick that there's something more involved to get and keep student, clients & athletes. I/We (my wife Amy & I) have learned much of this the "hard way" and now quite honestly, you don't have to.

  • Are you tired of attaining new certification that do nothing more than put letters behind your name?

  • Do you want to learn techniques to leverage your time so you can make multiples of the money you currently take in each hour?

  • Looking for ideas on how to retain clients and even grow your business while the economy is dragging?

  • Have you heard the stories of other fitness professionals who claim to be making thousands of dollars daily and seem to never leave their couch? (that's not exactly what we're supporting, but we'll talk about the techniques they use to at least make that claim)

  • Have you wondered how you could diversify your business and yet stay within the industry that you love?

  • Do you want to learn how to utilize the vast resources offered to you by the internet?

  • Does blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization, list building, social media, website design, sales techniques, business systems, and the like make your head spin?

If you've had any or maybe all of these questions,frustrations, or concerns, well you've been in the same seat I have... The insider group will keep you from spending the next couple-few years and several thousand dollars plowing the same path I have.

The Insider Club is to the point and inexpensive compared to those who consider themselves "Gurus" and have similar offerings.

Membership Currently Closed
to the Insiders Club

Limited space is available in the club. This offering is opened to a small group of participants and is offered a couple times each year. Insiders Club programs generally run three to five months.


There is nothing better than when you develop a system that works and there is no more need to rebuild the wheel.

The Insiders Club was conceived, not because I know everything about the fitness industry, marketing, seo, social media tactics, sales, etc... because I don't.
It was conceived because I've been down that road, gone through many many training's, gathered many resources, established several partners, tested out several system, learned new technologies, and most importantly we have established a valuable knowledge base that is supported by many great fitness industry leader contacts we have generated.

Essentially its a "been there done that" position and I've made a few of them work out very well. I've also made mistakes as well as made goofy decisions. This is your opportunity come behind the scenes of the systems we use.

Through the Insiders Club we will provide the gems of what we have personally figured out, And probably more importantly provide access and details, interviews, and systems directly from those experts we have established as partners and contacts.

Here's How The Insider Club Runs - Check It Out

Every three to four weeks we will release online workshops, video or audio interviews, e-reports or books, and/or run a webinar on a particular subject for the entire group to participate in. The Insiders will cover all of the following Insider benefits, but more importantly we will add topics of timely happenings and review business systems from inside and outside the fitness industry.


Insider Benefit #1
Module Learning

In addition to the independent direction I have seen and expect of each Insider program, we also have several modules that will look at various business and specialty technical details.

These will include several aspects of internet marketing, client retention, list building, product/service launch, off line sales, specialty diversification, technology usage.

Insider Benefit #2
Interview Central

In the "Fitness Insiders Club" you get an inside look every month into what's working in my business. But obviously I'm not the only fitness business consultant with good ideas...

That's why each month you'll also receive access to a "How They Do It " interview. The reason they're called "How They Do It" interviews is because that's what we will learn from each guest professional. We'll get into some of the nuts and bolts that make their business or business programs tick. (HUGE VALUE FOR ALL OF US)


Insider Benefit#3
Member Hot Seats

This is some powerful stuff that I picked in a program from Jeff Walker and gives you some of the mastermind benefits as well.

This program has elements of collaboration and we will spend some time on a the specifics of a few participants who are willing to jump on the "hot seat" and let myself as well as others provide feedback on website, programs, product, marketing, etc.


Insider Benefit #4
Optimization Techniques at FPT

Fitness Pro Travel is probably the best program I've been involved in creating.  There are many features that will specifically benefit your business.

Being the primary creator of that program, I have a bit of an unfair advantage in how to best take advantage of the many aspects of that system.

You, being a member of the club will benefit as I'm willing to pass on that insight.  Not necessarily secrets, but certainly there are aspects now and will be more in the future that are less taken advantage of.

Insider Benefit #5
Specialty Education Elements

There are many "Guru's" out there who will speak to the marketing & money making of fitness. There are others who are the "Guru's" of specialty education.

Rarely do you find these two mixing, although when it comes to your business, both are essential.

We will visit various topics for the personal trainer, athletic coach, group fitness instructor, and even mind/body instructor from time to time. Some you may be more interested in than others, but all will be great refreshers to ensure you are providing the very best service to your customer.

Most programs, good and bad, that provide these detailed insider views run more than $1000.00 and have been known to run as high as $10,000.00 and more (honestly). They can also be several hundred from month to month thereafter. I know, I've paid for more expensive programs.

But it's always worth it when the programs, techniques, and systems learned generate several times the cost of the offering.

I expect to provide you the value of our experience along with the value of some of the high priced programs I've participated in. You will walk away with specific tools to benefit your business immediately.


All right, I'll cut to the chase. For you to participate in this dynamic Fitness Insider Club program:
The Fee is $77 per month.

That's it. Expect the program to last less than six months and in any month you have the choice to end your participation. I happily leave you the control


Sign in Now - Stop at anytime...
even though we think you'll stay


YES Tom, I'm sick of all the teachers who aren't really DOERS. Sign me in to the group so I can get the straight scoop from someone who has actually walked the walk
fitness business

Membership Currently Closed
To be contacted when we open the program up again...


fitness professional

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Only $77 per month **

fit pro insider


Your purchase has a Guarantee of 100%. You may quit at any time. Should you feel that the program is not working for you, a simple contact to us will provide you a full refund for that months payment and a stop on all future scheduled payments. The economy is tight. I understand and this is why this guarantee is here... Remove all stress.

In Health,
Tom Bomar

P.S. You want a discount on this program? Either head over to Fitness Pro Travel and create an account or upgrade your existing. One of the member benefits to being a business or enterprise member is a discount on this program. Since it is a major part of the tools we will be discussing, you'll be encouraged to do it again later whether or not you jump in now for the discount.

Make it a Healthy Day (for you and your business)


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