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Our take on fitness education has not changed much over the past decade, since we first started offering educational programs ourselves.
USFIT Fitness Trainer Certification
 - Practical based programs are best -

If you can find a competent presenter, and there are a number out there, you will gain much more from an open workshop setting that allows teaching, demonstration, questions, answers,and practical practice. 
Written and video based primary continuing education programs have their place, and we are developing programs which utilize the features, but continue to seek out practical fitness programs as often as practical. 



Bring the fitness education to the general public through Healthy Gatherings. Great Biz Op for the Fit Pro

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Fitness EducationFundamentals and Continuing Education Programs

Offered for the fitness professional throughout the US and Canada.  Via larger conferences we also enjoy the opportunity to travel and present further abroad.
Our educational programs are offered through our FIT Launch company.  You can find a list of available workshops to bring to your location -fitness workshop- or you can go to the calendar of all events -fitness workshop- to see what is currently scheduled.

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Explore the practical foundations of personal training with our USFIT (United States Fitness Instructor Training) 16- hour, hands-on, progressive program made up of Four individual stand alone practical based CEC workshops.


a FIT Launch Training or requesting that we organize a training based upon your specific need and/or topic choice can be initiated -fitness workshop-


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Our favorite ALL-Inclusive
Fitness Conference!

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